Land Yachtz : Dinghy Lizard

2016 has brought along a Dinghy series that is hard to miss. Land Yachtz Dinghies are set with a collection of graphics that are fun and sick for every lifestyle. These boards are meant to be portable and functional. They serve as the ultimate cruiser and are meant for sleek, chill rides. These compact cruisers will get you around, whether your riding them on the streets, on your college campus or around some shops. Made to be an agile board, these boards will get you to your destination quick and relaxed, built with a mellow conclave and a slight increase in length and width. Fast Forward has Dinghy Lizards, Dinghy Birds, and Dinghy Sasquatch boards. All sold as completes, these boards are ready to ride out of all locations. Dinghies are also available online! We totally recommend this board and hope to be seeing y’all riding in soon.