Fast Forward|Whitestone Wildcats Shop Deck

The 5th grade students of Whitestone have come together to create a design that represents the Whitestone Wildcats perfectly onto a skateboard.  With the help and support from Fast Forward and the Art teacher Ms.Connely in Whitestone Elementary,Mr. Romero was able to bring the world of graphic art and skateboarding into his 5th grade class. Whitestone Elementary is a neighborhood school that is both a Dual Language and a title one campus with a very diverse population. The students took the design ideas provided by Ms.Connely and ran with them, ultimately voting on the best fit for this project. A select few 5th grade students then met during recess to work on putting their ideas into motion. After two weeks of hard work, the parents and staff of Whitestone Elementary are ready to see the final results.

Mr. Romero is a long-time shopper at Fast Forward, and would constantly ask for posters that he could show his classroom. One day, Mr. Romero and Jeff (Fast Forward, co-owner), came up with an idea that they hoped would excite the elementary school. Everyone loved the idea: the kids would create graphic art that would be featured on Fast Forward Boards that would represent the Whitestone Wildcats. The shop was very excited to see the results of these passionate kids, and can all agree that the boards look amazing and the graphic is unbeatable. Fast Forward has printed the winning graphic on a skateboard on sizes: 7.75”, 8.0”, 8.25”, and 8.50. The boards will be available for sale on Friday, make sure to stop by and check out this amazing work of art by the 5th graders of Whitestone Elementary.