Fast Forward B&B Shop Decks

Shop DecksFast Forward has new B&B shop decks in three distinct shapes: Switchblade, Shovel Nose, and Classic Popsicle. Inspired by the famous dumb duo and popular culture, these decks are a must-have and ready for a nice spring skate sesh. These boards are designed by local Austin artist, Isaiah Carrasco, who draws from childhood inspiration to add an element of nostalgia to an already amazing board design. Classic Popsicle board shape comes in an array of different sizes, starting at 7.75”, 8.00”, 8.25”, and  8.50”. The Switchblade board shape is available in 8.25” and the Shovel Nose board shape is available exclusively in size 8.75”. The variety of board shapes and sizes work with whatever skate style fits you best whether it be street, vert, or technical.