10 Years of P-Rod (pt. 3)



In our look back at the history of Paul Rodriguez’ signature shoe line, we’ve checked out his first four shoes, design and performance.  Today we are moving into the second half of the history of his flagship shoe and checking out the introduction of new technologies.


The P-Rod 5 rolled out to the public in 2011, and was received well.  The line was already a powerhouse as far as performance, and Nike SB beefed the shoe up even more.  The P-Rod 5 benefitted the most from the addition of Lunarlon.  Lunarlon, Nike’s technical cushioning foam, cut the weight of the shoe down and made it more comfortable than ever.  The P-Rod 5 also was available for near complete customization on Nike’s NikeID website.


The P-Rod 6 was released on the same day that He won his fourth X-Games gold medal.  The powerhouse of a competition skater improved on the previous design, namely the external heel counter and the improved upon diamond tread pattern. The overall design of the shoe remained very similar with small tweaks in shape and fit in places.  The Lunarlon cushioning that remained built into the shoe as well as the all durable suede construction set the shoe up for success.  The P-Rod 6 was one of the lightest, most comfortable, and had the best board-feel of any shoe that he had released so far.


Tomorrow we will check out the two latest and most technical installments in Paul Rodriguez’  namesake line of Nike SB shoes.  The Paul Rodriguez 1 QS releases this Saturday (3/14) at The Quarry in San Antonio and at Gateway in Austin.  Stay with us as we finish looking through the history and heritage of the P-Rod!